(W.ater A.ctivated V.ibrationally E.nlightened)

What is WAVE

WAVE Quantum Hydration Bottles are encoded with proprietary: Quantum Vibrational Enlightenment Technology™ which works by encoding pre-determined frequency signature signals into the molecular structure of drinking water.

Just as a specific key on a piano will cause an ‘in tune’ crystal on an adjacent chandelier to vibrate, or two tuning forks of the same frequency will transfer vibratory rates to each other, Quantum Vibrational Enlightenment Technology™ allows us to ‘install’ specific, structuring vibrations into drinking water. This unique technology in W.A.V.E. Quantum Hydration Bottles creates noticeable therapeutic benefits for the person drinking the water, often with the first bottle full.

More About

The Vibrational Enlightenment Technology™ encoded in our revolutionary quantum hydration bottles, encodes frequencies into drinking water, effectively neutralizing the sources of stress, joint/ muscle discomfort and annoying allergies while bringing a sensation of enlightenment and vitality.

The thirsty world needs W.A.V.E. Quantum Hydration Bottles!

Drink RELIEF for those irritating aches and pains

Drink RELAX to experience calm relaxation

If you’re going to drink water,

Drink W.A.V.E.!

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