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Fern is an amazing person, I thank her for all I know and teach,She has helped many people getting their life back on tracks, Thanks again Fern!

Michele M

I wanted to tell you that I taught a workshop today and normally I get soooo much anxiety the night before and then the morning of but since that tapping we did during the training at your place with everyone there has been a really big shift in me and last night I had no anxiety whatsoever and then none during my workshop! It is a miracle honestly 😀 I actually had so much fun doing it and was so relaxed. Thank you so much.

Meaghan S

I had been suffering with lower back pain that made it difficult to bend over (to pick up things like my small dogs). After weeks of pain I called Fern. Within 2 minutes, using a taping sequence, my pain went from 8 out of 10 to zero! Thanks Fern for helping me feel great again. 

Louise T

Testimonial re Tapping Course:
I want to thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in your TFT tapping course a few weeks ago. 
I feel very blessed that we have met.  The tapping course was an amazing experience with incredible results.  Your knowledge and delivery is truly a testament to the effectiveness of this powerful modality. 
Thank you again!
With gratitude,

Lynda, Ontario

I had an initial visit with Fern and the results were amazing.

I recently called Fern for a consultation and within an hour of our session the pain in my arms and body had reduced from a 10 to a 2.

She advised me of foods to avoid and I also had some Source Energy Medicine water. I can tell you that after this session I had the best sleep I have had in 15 years and I also woke up with no pain! Fern is so knowledgeable, gifted and patient.

I highly recommend her services.” 

Diana B

“I have had Multiple Sclerosis for about 3 years now. As secondary progressive MS it has gotten worse in the sense that I am slowly losing mobility and strength in my left side. Up until 6 months ago fatigue was getting the best of me.

I was ready to give up work as I dragged myself from morning to night. Having come into contact with Fern Wolf has given me the relief that has enabled me to continue to enjoy work and participate in daily activities at work and with my family. Under Fern’s’ guidance with EDS the process has been three fold:

1) Chemical and toxin cleansing

2) A strong vitamin program

3) Homeopathic medicines to balance the body

Thanks to Fern I have back a quality of life that had been disappearing over the last few years.”

Stella Eyers, Innisfil, ON

“As an Early Childhood Educator I worked with children ages infant to 12 years of age. There was a lot of lifting, bending and carrying. There was a lot of playing ball hockey and baseball and sometimes having to hold back any angry 8 year old.

When I retired after 30 years of being with the children I noticed a constant lower back pain. I thought that this was with me for the rest of my life until I sat down with Fern. Fern used her electro dermal screening tool and discovered that my tail bone was not aligned.

Fern was able to re- balance my tail bone and I have not had a lower back pain in 4 years.” 

Louise Todd, Barrie ON

“I met Fern Wolf at a women’s luncheon event and I’m glad I did. I was thrilled to find out she was in the natural and alternative health field as this is an area I’ve been pursuing for over two decades.

When I originally went to Fern it was because I was treating myself for parasites. With extensive education in the herbal field, I bought high quality products that have worked well in the past. Having been on this herbal parasite cleanse for over 2 months, I was still experiencing severe headaches when taking my natural remedy. My first visit to Fern uncovered several things, including the parasites I had suspected all along. Fortunately Fern was able to pinpoint the location of the parasites, and unfortunately for me, they were in my head. Again, I suspected this to be the case and I knew they would be difficult to treat with herbs. 

I left my first appointment with Fern armed with what my children and I have come to call my ‘miracle water.’ After about 3 weeks I felt a major change taking place in my head. For several days I could feel a mass that started in the rear side of my head, and moved slowly down my neck. It settled in the base of my neck for a couple days and then disappeared. I knew then that I could thank Fern for resolving a problem in a month that would have taken perhaps years to treat with standard herbal remedies. 

I continue to drink my water and have since been back to Fern to continue my health regime. I have referred many of my friends to Fern and my next step will be to take each of my children to Fern so they can also begin to experience better health.”

Dawn Frail, Professional Speaker,

Author and Coach, Caledon, ON

“I left my first appointment with Fern armed with what I call my ‘miracle water’.

After 3 weeks of taking it I noticed improved clarity of mind; and, a mass that had been in my neck at the base of my head moved down my neck over several days settling at the base of my neck for a few days and then completely disappearing.

I was very grateful that Fern’s therapy resolved a problem in a month that would perhaps have taken years to treat with herbal remedies.”

Camera Layden-Tapp

“Over the years Fern’s treatments have helped with varied issues. Most recently, on my last visit, I came to her with a long-standing severe flaking red rash that had spread down my neck and onto my shoulders becoming unbearably irritating and embarrassing.

She suggested changes in my diet, custom TFT sequences, Trusilver gel, use of the Juuva anion emitter, and SEM water. Within a month of following this regimen, the rash disappeared almost completely from my neck and shoulders. Within two months, it was no longer visible. Any remaining irritation continues to diminish slightly every day. After ten years of dealing with this, I have a reasonable hope that soon the issue will completely disappear.

I have more energy. I feel more calm. I feel more positive. At night, I have gotten into the habit of clipping the anion emitter to my pajamas and have been getting much better sleep.

My husband keeps the emitter with him during the day and notices significantly less pain in his knees and hips when he is working.

I am so grateful for the help she provided that helped me go from extremely frantic to very much more hopeful.”

Camera Layden-Tapp

“I contacted Fern Wolf from Good Vibrations and went to see her for my first treatment. I was totally amazed with what she came up with.

The second time I went to see her I was totally depressed and suicidal. I had booked my appointment with the Radiologist the day before and I was told I would have to go for radiation for what seemed an awfully lot of radiation.

I then booked the appointment with the Chemotherapist; here I would have to go for 6 weeks, every day except Sat and Sun. When I got to Fern’s front door, the door was locked, I thought I got the wrong date, and I just wanted to sit on her step and cry and wait for her. She finally opened the door and asked me what was wrong.

I told her I felt suicidal and began to cry uncontrollably. She let me finish and did something with her electronic water and told me to drink up. Within 15 min, I was over my depression, and looking at life in a different way. She also told me to drink at least 4oz of Mona Vie morning and evening. She was right it helped me in a HUGE way.”

Mary Chiummiento

“In late fall I began to experience severe pain in my shoulder and a numbing of my left arm. After several weeks of increasing pain I went to see my Chiropractor who after many treatments and x-rays found no problems and was not able to reduce the pain.

I could not move my arm and was in serious pain. I had lost all feeling in 2 fingers and my hand was numb.”

Mandie Crawford
Calgary Business Woman of the year 2010

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