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Frequently Asked

What if I already have a health issue where traditional medicine has not helped?

Fern specializes in getting to the root of a health issue. But don’t wait until all other avenues fail. Save yourself and your body the time and energy pursuing treatments that only masque the health problem you are facing.

Science has proven that we are really vibrating masses of energy. Clearing blockages and repairing energy pathways is the way to bring the body back into a more natural state where it can heal itself and you can feel better! When your body’s energy pathways are free of blockages, your body can heal itself as it was meant to do.

Why do I keep getting sick?

Traditional medicine may relieve the symptoms of illnesses – and in some cases eliminate a virus or bacteria that cause the symptoms.  But have you ever wondered why you experience dis-ease or illnesses when others close to you do not?  Or why after medicine has ‘cured’ you that you get the same illness again and again?

How do we restore our Health?

When we begin to understand that our bodies are simply an outer expression of what is going on for us on the inside (our thoughts and emotions), we can begin to create health naturally.

Our bodies are speaking to us. Becoming healthy begins with seeing the unseen by measuring the vibrations that occur naturally in our bodies – and even our thoughts.  When we understand this – we can start giving our bodies and minds what they need  to restore us to health.

Are your services covered by insurance?

Insurance coverage depends on the insurance provider you are with and the range of coverage they offer. Typically, if an insurer offers extended coverage some of the services  Fern offers may be covered. It would always be advisable to check with your provider directly to find out what is covered and the amount of coverage offered.

What if I am seeing a Doctor?

While the information and assistance provided by Good Vibrations Health has helped people restore health, balance, joy, peace, and harmony, it is not a substitute for medical, counseling, psychological or other related professional advice. You are encouraged to obtain appropriate professional advice or care for your personal concerns and discuss any prescription modifications with your doctor, therapist, or pharmacist.

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What would you like from a Personal Coaching Session with Fern?

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs effortlessly
  •  Transform past stress and trauma quickly and painlessly
  • Step into your true power and potential
  • Fearlessly step out of your box and become magnificent
  •  Be the Star of your life
  •  Do what you love
  •  Wake up in your Future and become your future self now
  • Make your Mind Matter
  • Move towards your new destiny
  • Leave the painful past behind
  • Step out of limitation and into abundance

Specialty Energy Products

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Restore Vitality and Energy

Learn about wellness and energy supplements that are lighting the path to whole body health, the natural way!

These products are made with specialized formula that has been helping thousands of people in more than 100 different countries around the world to reduce and in some cases even eliminate many of the symptoms that can have a negative effect on our mental and physical well-being.

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