What is Source Energy Medicine

The Source Energy Medicine methodology evolves around specially designed charging labels that when applied to bottles of water – structure and charge the water molecules with specific vibrations – creating a Source Energy Medicine.

SEM holds the intention to support you to heal any aspect of life – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sub-conscious, relationships, career, financial, creative and self-expression.

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Source Energy Medicine was created by Stephen Pollitt.

The basic premised of Source Energy Medicine is that, it is possible to positively affect our health and well-being by drinking water that is imprinted with strong, positive intentions of what we wish to achieve.

Pollit emulates Emoto of HADO fame, but unlike Emoto who uses a simple word or phrase, Pollit suggests we write a detailed description of what we wish to occur. Then an 8-digit code derived through dowsing is assigned to this written intention.

A label is created with this number with the addition of the infinity and “om” symbols (believed to resonate with very high frequency), and pasted on a clear bottle containing water.

The water then gets charged with the intention. You should then drink this water over a period of time till you achieve your well-being goals.

Links to Source Energy Medicine

Here are some useful links to learn more about Source Energy Medicine:

Fern Wolf’s Source Energy Medicine Page

Free Access to the Quick Start Guide 

Bob Proctor’s Source Energy Medicine Page


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